Doan’s* May Picnic & Doan’s Adobe


* When the sign went up at Doan’s, Texas, many years ago, the highway department lost the apostrophe. Or maybe it was when Doan’s got put on the map. Either way, Doan’s Crossing became Doans, Texas -- no apostrophe. But history recognizes the apostrophe and its significance. So does the Doan’s May Picnic Association. 

The Doan’s May Picnic is a pioneer celebration held every first Saturday in May at Doans, Texas, near Doan’s Crossing on Red River north of Vernon. The event dates from 1884, making it the oldest continuously celebrated pioneer festival in the state of Texas. The old adobe house at Doans is the oldest in the county. Built in 1881, it housed Corwin F. Doan and his family. Doan traded with the Indians and supplied drovers as they took herds of cattle and horses up the old Western Trail.  

          Main event of the day is the coronation of a Picnic Queen and King at 11:30 a.m., followed by lunch. Activities wane thereafter.

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